China’s Wanxiang digs deeper into car battery technology image

Wanxiang Group Corp, the Chinese multinational automotive components company that bought both bankrupt US makers A123 Systems and Fisker Automotive, is diving deeper into the battery technology needed in cars.

A123 Systems LLC, the lithium-ion battery producer that was acquired in 2012 after it went bankrupt, has moved to buy new technology from Leyden Energy Inc., with the Chinese parent aiming to leverage its use into future electric cars.

Wanxiang – which now has a strong stance on US soil, already announced its plans to get back Fisker into producing cars – first a revamped version of the failed Karma plug-in hybrid, and later on other models. The move made by the battery subsidiary looks to eb an integral part of the push for new energy cars.

“We see some applications in automotive” for the Leyden technology, said Jeff Kessen, a spokesman for the Livonia, Michigan-based A123. “We’re further investing in having some of the most powerful batteries available.”

The battery producer has a research facility in Massachusetts that could use the more than 20 patents, while additionally a number of Leyden employees would come from California to the research facility.

Leyden has patents for non-flammable electrolyte and lithium titanate technologies, which cater for more rapid charge and discharge cycles – that could be useful in car battery technology.

Via Bloomberg