Chine: OnStar Launches Mobile Application II image

OnStar’s Chinese operators are now handling more than 1 million calls a month. And to improve the service quality, the leading provider of telematics services in China has just unveiled Mobile Application II – Turn-by-Turn Navigation.

The cloud-based mobile application allows users to locate a point of interest on their mobile phones and then send it directly to their vehicles, where OnStar’s voice-operated navigation will be automatically activated.

“On June 30, Shanghai OnStar launched the first vehicle-integrated mobile application in China, which was hailed by vehicle owners,” said Li Chao, executive deputy general manager of Shanghai OnStar.

GM launched Shanghai OnStar Telematics Co. Ltd. as a joint venture with its Chinese partner, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp., in 2009. It now controls 70 percent of the telematics market in China.

Back in September 2011 Shanghai OnStar has opened its Xiamen Call Center. The opening of the Xiamen Call Center will allow OnStar to better meet the demands of its rapidly growing subscriber base in China.

OnStar provides14 services in China:
 Automatic Crash Response
 Emergency Services
 Automatic Air Bag Deployment Response
 OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics
 On-Demand Diagnostics
 Good Samaritan
 Stolen Vehicle Location
 Remote Door Unlock
 Remote Horn and Lights
 Roadside Assistance
 Hands-Free Calling
 Point of Interest
 Turn-by-Turn Navigation
 Destination Download