Buick has officially unveiled the Envision crossover which will become available only in China.

The Chinese Buick Envision has recently went official, based on the Envision Concept seen 3 years ago at the Shanghai Auto Show, and this will most likely become available only in China. The model in question will slot between the Encore and the Enclave and it will get the familiar design which will make it instantly recognizable as a Buick. The images posted below, along with the details, have been provided by the Chinese media as Buick hasn’t released an official press release yet.

According to our sources, the Buick Envision will stand at 4,667 mm in length, 1,804 mm in width and 1,659 mm in height, riding on a 2,750 mm long wheelbase. The crossover will be riding on a new platform and it will be equipped with a 2.0 liter turbocharged gasoline burner, with four-cylinders, equipped with the stop/start technology. The engine will be producing 260 HP (194 kW) and 335 Nm (247 lb-ft) of torque, connected to a 6-speed automatic transmission, sending power to the optional AWD or to the standard FWD. More details on the model remain unknown for the moment.

Source: auto.163.com / terranismo.wordpress.com


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