Chinese Internet company makes surprise appearance as electric carmaker image

A Beijing-based Internet and mobile-video company, called Leshi Internet Information & Technology Co., has announced it’s prepared to start developing and producing electric cars for sale in China.

The world’s largest auto market has been fighting severe pollution recently and the government aims to support the local introduction of alternative means of transportation, such as eco-friendly battery-operated electric cars. The new and surprising upcoming electric automaker says it decided to build the eco-friendly cars in order to help the country fend off smog and city congestion. According to a post on his Weibo social-media account, Chairman and President Jia Yueting said the company developed the “Super Electric Eco-System” project, with Leshi independently researching and developing technology for the program in the past year.

“We look to overtake the traditional European, American, Japanese and Korean auto industry giants and solve urban smog and traffic congestion,” commented Jia in his post. China desperately needs more electric car investments as the country lags behind its self-imposed target to get eco-friendly cars on the road – even as the central government spends billions of dollars on subsidies and aims to build more charging stations for the public. The Leshi project could also fall in line with the recently revealed plans of the Chinese government to give new automaking licenses to companies interested in building electric cars.

Via Bloomberg