Chinese man wins custody for BMW 1-Series after touching it for 4 days image

A Chinese man has recently won custody for five years on a BMW 1-Series after touching it nonstop over three days and four nights.

What would you do in order to get a BMW 1-Series for five years for free? Well we know what Song Changjiang, a 27-year old Chinese man did, he touched if with at least one hand over a period of three days and four nights and finally he managed to win it. But the German hatchback isn’t actually his for eternity because he only won its custody for using it over the next five years, and after that, he will have to return it to the automaker.

“I feel dizzy, my head is spinning and I feel like there are bees flying in my ears. I can’t even stand up and I feel like I was kidnapped”, said Song Changjiang, the winner of the BMW 1-Series.

The 27-year old Chinese man who have won the rights to use the BMW 1-Series for five years didn’t have any sleep in the 87 hours while he touched the car, but every 4 hours, the competitors were given a 15-minute break, in which they could use the bathroom, sleep or eat. Many of the competitors gave up on their dream after the first break, but not Song Changjiang, the man in the image above.