Chinese prefer European cars over domestic image

Chinese people are most likely to buy an European car rather than a domestic one, like Japanese or South Korean, according to a study.

The fact that China has an incredible well evolved economy is not a mistery for anyone, but when your financial status is changed in good over night, what can you do, especially if you are a petrol head? The answer is “Buy European cars!”.

Car brands on the “old continent” known world-wide are the first choice of people in China, according to a recent J.D. Power survey in the Asian country, which also demonstrates the rising popularity of European Cars in China and the small part exploited by manufacturers in this region.

27 percent of respondents to the survey said that they would consider a Japanese vehicle (32 percent in 2009), 20 percent said a Chinese brand is the option, while 32 percent pointed at the European cars.

An interesting fact is that the survey didn’t include American cars, even though General Motors sold more than 2 million automobiles in China in the last year, with top of line Chevy Sail, Chevy Cruze and the Buick GL8.

The most preffered choice in the premium segment in China is the Audi A4L, with the extended wheelbase, while Volkswagen’s Tiguan remains the best option in the SUV segment.