Chinese Premier Tries to Convince Bureaucrats to Buy Local Cars image

China tries to convince bureaucrats to buy cars of the local automakers to cut high spending of taxpayers’ money and help the local car makers.

Present at the Great Hall of the People, in Beijing, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao addressed to almost 3, 000 delegates. The irony is that while he was trying to convince them to buy vehicle from the local automakers, dozens of black Audi sedans were waiting in the parking lot for their VIP occupants. When Guo Gengmao, governor of central Henan province, was asked by journalists if he will swap his Audi for a local brand car he said:

“We should try to use Chinese cars when possible and actively advocate our officials to use them. But we should do so in a practical way and switch cars when we need to replace the old ones. Otherwise, it’s a big waste to replace cars when they’re still good to use.”

Civil servants in Japan, US and South Korea are already travelling in local cars, while Chinese senior leaders keep their preference for foreign brands such as VW’s Audi when the automakers in the country have to deal with a four-year low of declined domestic sales. Audi managed to cement its position as the top premium brand in China thanks to the country’s political elite, bosses and business executives who have chosen the brand as the car of choice.