Chris Evans already under pressure at Top Gear image

According to the tabloid The Sun, everybody in the Top Gear team is already disconcerted, as the host Chris Evans is believed not to be quite the best suited man for the revival of the show.

BBC has high hopes from the British TV and radio personality Chris Evans to bring back some of Top Gear’s enthusiasts. But it seems that not everybody inside the team is so optimistic about the revival of the show. According to The Sun, a catalogue of setbacks has left executives worried that the world’s number one motoring show could end up becoming car-crash telly. “When Chris was hired it was like the problem of what to do with Top Gear after Clarkson left had been solved. But the problems keep on coming,” the tabloid quoted one insider. Another one has said that “the first time Chris went round the Top Gear track he crashed the car. Unfortunately for him it was a brand new Jag that had been lent to the show.”

The Sun also said last week that the show’s executive producer, Lisa Clark, left after just five months, being followed by script editor Tom Ford. Even if these reports are to be taken with a grain of salt, the allegations surrounding Top Gear’s tense atmosphere sound plausible. Some voices apparently claimed that Chris Evans’ name being unknown outside the UK was a major drawback in BBC’s attempt to draw new audiences.

For the new series, planned to air in May, Top Gear is counting, beside Evans, on the German racing driver Sabine Schmitz and motoring journalist Chris Harris, who are said to have been chosen as co-presenters for the new series. Rumors are indicating they will also be supported by the former Formula One star David Coulthard.

Via The Sun