Christmas fun: Ecclestone shows us the light side of his legal issues image

Very thoughtful, the supreme commander of Formula One, Bernie Ecclestone, has the habit of sending his friends in the sport a very special Christmas season card that features an interesting or funny personalized cartoon.

Usually, in the past years Ecclestone made fun of that year’s scandals, including poking fun at “spygate”, showing us how Lewis Hamilton is deserting a smoking McLaren for the Mercedes-fuelled dollars, depicting Jean Todt holding hands in Concorde marriage or showing us how Max Mosley likes to wipe sore bottoms. Now, the fun has turned to a little dose of healthy self-irony, as Ecclestone chose for the 2014 season to poke fun at the legal troubles that almost got him a prison sentence.

In the personalized cartoon sent by the 84-year-old Briton, a robber on horseback is shown holding Ecclestone at gunpoint, as the billionaire is carrying a rather hefty sack that has stamped on it “$100 million”. This is not a robbery,” the thief says to Ernie. “I am collecting for the Bavarian state.” The response is as cheeky as ever, as Ecclestone hints that from the legal conundrum he might be the one having the upper hand in the end: “Maybe now we can have a formula one race in the really nice city of Munich, Germany,” is written inside the actual card.