Chromed Nissan GT-R is the pride and joy of Carlex Design image

Aftermarket specialist Carlex Design has decided to amaze us with yet another over the top project – a Nissan GT-R completely covered in chrome and packing numerous tuning amenities.

We know the specialists from Carlex Design can go a little overboard with their projects – as we have seen over the years – but they also never ceased to amaze us in terms of caressing attention to detail and the high level of craftsmanship. It may not be anyone’s cue seeing a chromed-out Nissan GT-R, but rest assured if you look carefully you won’t see any flaw. Other than that, we’re going to be on the side of the detractors because seeing a mechanical wonder like the Nissan GT-R dressed so flashy is like seeing a bodybuilder dressed up in a pink tutu at a pageant competition.

Anyways, the mostly-chromed theme is interrupted by the black treated hood, roof, trunk lid, and rear wing. We also noticed some “mild” red accents and a set of black alloy wheels – the quad exhaust tips also adopt the darker theme. The exterior may be controversial and will for sure end up not being anyone’s cup of tea, but Carlex made sure the interior would be more suitable to different tastes thanks to an interesting finish. We have here a combo between black Alcantara and light grey and red leather – and additionally certain bits and pieces will be dressed in a silver flake accent. This R35 is being nicknamed the “Nissan GT-R ROBIN”, and it also comes with a modified steering wheel and a host of carbon fiber inserts splashed across the cabin.