Chrysler Adds Third Shift at Warren Plant? image

Chrysler is confident that the 2013 Ram 1500 and its pickup truck will boost sales, and plans to add a third shift at the Warren Truck Plant.

“We are having discussions with our suppliers, ” Bigland said. “Some guys can increase capacity in a week. Other guys need to build additional manufacturing facilities to keep up.”

The upgraded Ram 1500 will feature a new transmission, engine and stop-start technology. Production for this model is expected to begin at the Warren facility in September. The 74-year-old plant currently has 2,300 employees, but the addition of a new shift is expected to bring extra 800-1,000. Due to increased sales and market share in North America, the company has already added a third shift at other plants too.

Chrysler announced that four plants will skip the traditional two-week shutdown in July and other two facilities will close for only a week. The company expects next week to announce its 27th consecutive month of sales increase in the States.

Chrysler will also add a third shift at its Belvidere plant, which produces the all-new Dodge Dart compact.

“We are expecting a couple hundred (Dart) sales this month and we … have an influx of vehicles coming,” said Dodge marketing manager Richard Cox.

Source: Detroit Free Press