Ford and Chrysler fell among the last in the Consumer Reports’ annual reliability survey, while GM’s brands managed to improve their scores.

Consumer Reports’ annual reliability survey ranks and scores the predicted reliability of new vehicle s, taking into consideration the owner experiences with 1.2 million vehicles. This is the second year of fall for Ford’s brands, with Ford on the 27th place from the total of 28 car brands, and Lincoln taking the 26th spot. Chrysler, Dodge and Ram took the next three spots, while Jeep was ranked the 19th. Jaguar finished last. Audi made an impressive leap from the 26th spot to the 8th.

Ford’s new vehicles didn’t get the consumers’ confidence mainly because of the PowerShift transmissions in the compact Focus and the subcompact Fiesta, but also due to the problematic MyLincoln Touch and MyFord infotainment systems.

“We listen closely and value feedback on our vehicles — whether it’s from customers or third parties, such as Consumer Reports,” Ford spokeswoman Francesca Montini said. “We remain absolutely committed to continuously improving and providing the highest-quality vehicles to our customers.”

The hardest hit was taken by Lincoln, which fell 12 spots this year, and Ford, which lost 10 spots in 2011 and 7 more this year.


  1. I would treat these Consumer Reports results as "suspect" at best. Everyone has their own definition of "reliable". My definition basically says (as it applies to vehicles), if it starts and runs and gets me where I need to go each and every time, then it is reliable. Whether or not the climate control, radio, navigation, etc. work while on the way is an issue of quality, not reliability. I realize other may not agree with me.


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