Chrysler and John Varvatos fashion designer have teamed up in order to come with two special editions of the 300C, the Limited Edition and the Luxury Edition.

According to the North American based automaker, both the John Varvatos Limited Edition and the Luxury Editions are based on the 300C sedan and each of them is getting some extra features and unique touches in order to differentiate them from the standard version of the company’s luxury sedan.

Chrysler says that the John Varvatos 300C Limited Edition is getting a new Phantom Black Tri-coat finish and its chrome accents on the grille and badging have been replaced by dark titanium trim. The model in question is also coming with smoked-out LEDs and with a fresh set of 20-inch alloy wheels.

Besides the 300C Limited Edition, customers can also order the John Varvatos 300C Luxury Edition, which is going a step further than the first one. The Luxury Edition is adding polished wheels, a platinum color grille, a modified instrument panel in the cabin which is emulating the fashion designer’s watches, exotic wood accents, new upholstery inspired form the leather jackets made by Varvatos and more. The two special editions of the Chrysler 300C can be ordered in either rear- or all-wheel drive with the V6 or the HEMI V8 engines.



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