Chrysler building Fiat Ducato van in Mexico image

The Chrysler Group has officially announced that the Fiat Ducato van will be manufactured in Mexico, at the Saltillo facility.

After Audi has announced that a new plant will be opened in Mexico, investments in the country are rising and now the North American based automaker Chrysler said that the Fiat Ducato van will also be made in Mexico. According to the car manufacturer, the commercial vehicle won’t wear the Fiat badge and it will actually be a Ram version of the Fiat Ducato which is aimed towards the United States auto market and is expected to hit the dealerships soon.

“The front-wheel drive full-sized commercial van shares a platform with the Peugeot Boxer in Europe. It’s designed perfectly to try and deal with the market segment here in the US, so we think it will grow”, said the Chrysler Group CEO, Sergio Marchionne.

Besides the Fiat Ducato which will be rebranded in the United States, the Ram brand is also selling a modified version of the Dodge Grand Caravan, named the Ram commercial van, along another commercial cargo van, smaller than the upcoming Ducato. Besides these models, Ram will also get the smaller Fiat Doblo. The Ram version of the Fiat Ducato is expected to go on sale in the United States in 2013.