Chrysler celebrates 25 years of the world’s first mpv image

Chrysler is celebrating a quarter-century of MPV innovation, on-going development and leadership since launching the world’s first MPV.
The year was 1983. The Internet was created, and the first mobile phones were introduced to the public, U.S. astronauts completed the first space shuttle spacewalk; and Dallas was the most popular programme on TV …… and Chrysler hit a home run with the introduction of the world’s first MPV.

On November 2, 1983, the first MPV rolled down the assembly line in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The launch of Chrysler’s MPV in 1983 created an all-new vehicle segment and was an instant success.
As the MPV became a cultural icon throughout North America in the 1980s, its introduction to the international markets helped establish and solidify the Chrysler brand worldwide. It was in 1987 that Chrysler’s new MPV began sales in Europe.

Diesel-powered MPVs were introduced in 1993, aimed at further strengthening the presence of Chrysler MPVs in Europe. In 1996, the Company offered right-hand-drive versions, opening up sales opportunities in markets such as the UK, Japan, Australia and South Africa. Since then more than 53,000 versions have been sold to date in the UK alone.
Chrysler defined the ‘family room on wheels concept’ in 1983. In 2008, Chrysler has taken this concept to a new level.

The newest, fifth-generation of Chrysler MPVs – The Grand Voyager, launched in March 2008 – encapsulates more than 65 MPV-first features and more than 25 years of development. The latest generation offers more than 35 new or improved features over the previous generation including: dual-screen DVD entertainment system that can play different media simultaneously on two screens; ambient halo lighting package with directional LED pinpoint lights; removable and rechargeable LED flashlight; a six-speed automatic transmission; stain repelling seat fabric. Not forgetting Chrysler’s unique, renowned and innovative Stow ‘n Go® seating and storage system.

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