Chrysler considers dropping Avenger to focus on 200 sedan image

Chrysler Group may discontinue the Dodge Avenger in the next three years as it prepares a redesign of the Chrysler 200 sedan built on the same platform.

According to the head of Dodge brand, the 200 sells better than the Avenger and may replace it. “Chrysler Group will likely consolidate around one midsize car in the future. If we have two cars that are very similar, it does split dealer focus. Consolidating around one very competitive entry certainly has its advantages,” Reid Bigland told Reuters at the Detroit auto show.

The advantages of focusing on a single model are lower marketing and development costs. It also removes the risk that one model might steal sales from another of the same brand. The Dodge Avenger and the Chrysler 200 are built at the automaker’s Sterling Heights, Michigan plant. Both models were overhauled in 2010.

Another reason for the discontinuation of the Avenger is the new Dodge Dart. Although smaller, the Alfa Giulietta-based sedan could win over some customers who might have considered the Avenger, Bigland said. Last year, Dodge sold more than 64,000 Avengers in the U.S., while the Chrysler 200 sold about 87,000.