Chrysler design team keeps “Easter Egg” tradition image

A few months ago we turned your attention towards the joyful practice of the Chrysler design teams – they offer customers the possibility to discover “Easter Eggs” hidden throughout their new Chrysler Group car.

The one man totally responsible for this little guilty pleasure is a gentle giant – 6-foot-7 (2.04 meters) Klaus Busse, Chrysler Group’s chief for interior design. He and his team really enjoy designing and then hiding these small “gems” for the future pleasure of owners. The company does not publish the Easter Eggs, electing to keep them hidden until the owners discover them and tell the world. The hidden treats are fun, unobtrusive art elements that can depict anything from a historical model to landmarks.

So far, the discovered elements range from the 1941 Willys military Jeep on the Cherokee windshield black edge, the Detroit skyline (except for the very visible GM headquarters!) carved on the rubber mat inside the new Chrysler 200 or the outline of the Jeep grille drawn on the windshield of the latest model – the Renegade.

Busse, a 44-year-old veteran of the Mercedes-Benz brand, has elected to remain with Chrysler after the failed merger between Germany’s Daimler and the third largest US automaker. “There is no process on how we design these things,” he comments, adding that not all “Easter Egss” have been found. The future ones include a spider hidden somewhere in the Renegade and more would be coming.

Via Automotive News