Chrysler expanding engine production and adding 298 new jobs in the process image

Chrysler Group LLC is set to invest $52 million in its engine plants in Trenton and Dundee in order to increase output of its four-cylinder Tigershark motor that equips the Dodge Dart.

$11.5 million is spent by the Auburn Hills automaker to add a new assembly line for the Tigershark at its Trenton North factory, where all the new 298 positions are being created. Also, another $40.5 million is spent to convert a line at Dundee to machine cranks, heads and blocks to support Tigershark production at Trenton. In the mean time, the Dundee facility will continue to manufacture this engine as well, alongside another two four-cylinder motors.

“With the growing demand for our products, we are constantly evaluating how to best meet powertrain production requirements,” said Brian Harlow, head of powertrain manufacturing at Chrysler, in a statement to The Detroit News Tuesday. “In this case, we are fortunate that we had an existing facility that could accommodate the additional capacity needs for Tigershark and one that has the know-how to support that additional production.”

Work on the new line has already begun at Trenton, and production is expected to begin by the end of the third quarter. Although the news about this move broke out as early as May, however, the company did not confirm the new investment until Tuesday. Alongside the Dodge Dart, the fuel-efficient Tigershark engine will be offered in the future on a number of new models, starting with the all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee.