Chrysler Group LLC announced yesterday it finally began shipping one of the company’s key models, the Jeep Cherokee, after various issues caused a delay of around two months.

The Cherokee is the successor in the automaker’s lineup for the not so great Jeep Liberty, which was finally discontinued. Dealers of the brand had increasing worries in regards to the planned rollout of the model, which was was expected to hit dealer lots and showrooms a lot faster, ultimately failing to catch the good months of August and September. They should now begin arriving in large numbers within 10 days.

“Jeep dealers will breathe a sigh of relief that the Cherokee’s launch delay appears to be coming to an end,” said Tim Fleming, analyst at Kelley Blue Book. “Excluding the discontinued Liberty, Jeep sales have been on a roll this year, up 16%, and the Cherokee gives Jeep another player in the red-hot small crossover space. Chrysler hopes the distinctive styling and cutting-edge technology on the Cherokee will set it apart from the competition, and has invested considerable time and money to make sure this important model is ready once it hits the market.”

Chrysler said last month that deliveries of the Cherokee that came out of Jeep’s manufacturing facility in Toledo, Ohio, had to be stopped because the company’s engineers needed to address a computer glitch that arose in the computer that controlled the vehicle’s brand new nine-speed automatic transmission.

Via Reuters


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