Chrysler Fires Warren Stamping Employee for Organizing a Protest image

Chrysler has fired the worker from Warren Stamping who helped organize the protest at the facility two weeks ago.

“It’s simply wrong for Chrysler to take this type of retribution for a peaceful protest,” said Jana Mathieu, director of the National Lawyers Guild’s Michigan chapter. “We stand behind Alex Wassell, who was attempting to have a say in changes that are going to affect the quality of life for all employees.”

Alex Wassell, 63, a welder repairman with almost 20 years of experience, has been suspended by Chrysler without pay for making comments that the company had violated its code of conduct. Wassel said that has filed a grievance for his dismissal and his only comments were:

“I’m still looking for an amicable settlement of the grievance between the union and the company.”

Chrysler’s decision attracted criticism not only from the civil liberties groups and workers’ rights organizations, but also from the American Civil Liberties Union, whose spokeswoman, Rana Elmir, said that American employees have the right to choose between their job and free speech and that no worker should retain from speaking out issues of public concern for fear of being fired. The protest, which took place on February 28th, centered around the issue of working on Saturdays or alternate between day and night shifts.

  • John

    The U.A.W. is only worried about workers union dues, nothig else the 8 hour work day is no concern. The people that are responsible to implement such a 10 hr. work day have no
    value of the families of the workers, They work normal 8 Hr days. Some say don't complain
    you have a job, sure but no life. Please look at the schedule A shift is by far the only one that is good thats mon-thur 6:30am to 4:30pm 10 hrs 4 days, B shift is wed-sat 4:30pm-2:30 AM you work every sat, you end your week of work Sun 2:30 AM And last you have C shift
    Mon-Tues 4:30 PM-2:30AM wed, Then Fri-SAt 6:30am -4:30 pm working every sat,Oh by the way this is all straight time. No more family life. Would you like that option? I think not.
    no rotating. Wait till warm and Hot weather in those un aircondition plants it get Damn Hot.