Chrysler Foundation Buys Walter P. Chrysler Museum image

Chrysler will buy the holdings of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum to protect the patrimony, but will be opened to the public only on special occasions.

As the museum ran out of money, the only solution to protect the patrimony was to merge with Chrysler Foundation. The deal will be made by the end of this year and will allow Chrysler to buy the 67 vehicles displayed in the museum, which is situated next to Chrysler’s world headquarters in Auburn Hills.

“Chrysler will continue to share its automobile heritage housed at the Museum with the public during special exhibitions” said Brian Glowiak, president of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum Foundation. “We are very thankful for the generosity of our many members, friends and employees and very proud of the Museum’s legacy as an educational and cultural institution.”

The Chrysler museum was opened in October 1999, being the first in the country to be situated at an automaker’s headquarters. Last year almost 35,000 people visited the museum, including those coming at special events and the facility’s rentals. According to Chrysler Foundation the proceeds from the museum purchase will be offered for a variety of charitable community organizations and activities.