Chrysler Group LLC offering Dodge Charger Pursuit Police Cruiser with HEMI V8 and AWD image

Chrysler Group LLC has recently announced that it will enter the market for Police Cruisers in the United States with the new all-wheel drive version of the Dodge Charger Pursuit with HEMI V8 engine.

According to the North American based automaker, the new Charger Pursuit will rival models from General Motors and Ford Motor Co., and, at the moment, it’s anyone’s game, since Ford has discontinued the popular Crown Victoria last year, which has been used by law enforcement fleets in the country for years.

“Adding available all-wheel-drive capability to the already popular Dodge Charger Pursuit will broaden the Charger’s appeal to police departments that are accustomed to dealing with rough winters and adverse weather conditions”, said the vice president of fleet operations, Peter Grady.

The Dodge Charger Pursuit Police Cruiser is powered by the same engine as the HEMI powered rear-wheel drive mode which achieved the fastest-ever lap at the 2012 Michigan Police’s Vehicle Evaluation Test at the Grattan Raceway in Michigan, the 5.7 liter HEMI V8, which is producing a total output of 370 horsepower and it has a peak torque of 390 lb-ft, sent to the “sophisticated” all-wheel drive system.

Source: The Detroit News