Chrysler personell chief set to retire image

Nancy Rae, Chrysler’s longtime human resources chief, will leave her position on January 1st, after she headed Chrysler’s employment policies for no less than three owners.

Rae, 57, has been a Chrysler employee since 1978. Back in 2000, when Daimler AG had a controlling stake in Chrysler she became the senior vice president of human resources. She continued to head as as Chrysler’s senior vice president – human resources,eve after Cerberus Capital Management took ownership of the carmaker and also after Fiat became the controlling shareholder in 2009.

“Nancy has been a highly valued business partner in driving cultural change, advancing leadership and talent development, and in rebuilding the company’s workforce through the strategic hiring of more than 17,000 employees since 2009,” Chrysler and Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne said in a statement today.

“She was particularly helpful and close to me in the selection of the senior leadership that has been responsible for Chrysler Group’s comeback since 2009,” Marchionne said.

Rae was also Chrysler’s best paid female executive, and was, before she decided to retire, among its five highest paid top executives. In 2012, Rae took home no less than $3.3 million, including a $374,130 bonus. The company said Michael Keegan, who will take her role as senior vice president of human resources, would replace Rae.