Chrysler is recalling 5,334 Wranglers image

Chrysler Group LLC announced the safety recall of approximately 5, 334 right-hand-drive Jeep Wrangler vehicles.

The safety recall addresses to right-hand-drive 2008-2012 Wranglers and is needed in order replace the airbag clockspring assembly that could turn on the airbag lamp, indicating that the airbag may not function properly if an accident occurs.

David Dillon, Head of Product Investigations and Campaigns for Chrysler Group stated:

“The vast majority of these right-hand-drive vehicles are used primarily for rural postal routes. Following field investigations by our engineers, it was determined that the condition is being caused by the dirt, dust, rain, etc., that the interior is exposed to when letter carriers lower their windows frequently.”

The measures include sending letters to the owners in November in order to inform them of the potential failure and of the free inspection they can benefit from at any authorized dealer, including the replacement of the clockspring.