Chrysler Launches Dodge Caliber Mopar Edition in South Africa image

Mopar Edition is been launched by Chrysler of South Africa. It’s a special version of the 2011 Dodge Caliber which has been introduced by Chrysler.

This special version has got 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine which has received a bit of additional kick and this credit goes to the added new exhaust system as well as a cold air intake. Tough the car’s specific figures are yet to get revealed, but one thing is for sure that the car will get few more horses as compared to the stock 154 hp powerplant. On other words, the standard version can produce 156 PS (115 kW / 154 horsepower) and 190 Nm (140 lb-ft) of torque.

At one side if you see, Dodge Caliber is not the most appealing model as per the lineup of the company, but it has never stopped them from bringing up a special Mopar Edition for South Africa. This model is designed for the enthusiasts who want to ride it like a free bird. One can differentiate this hatchback model through a newly added hood, a lowered suspension and the 18 inch alloy wheels. Chrysler focused onto a market niche where people have a passion for performance hatchbacks. This is the reason why Chrysler has delivered the racy Dodge Caliber Mopar Edition, as the company believe will go a long way and will satisfy its enthusiasts.

To enhance the stance of the car, a 2-inch lowered kit is added. Due to the hood and a set of decals, the exterior of the car has received slight sportier look. Enthusiasts of Mopar Edition will soon get the pleasure of riding this car in South Africa where the price is set at $37,000.



By Sunita Mandal