Chrysler is about to show off its new product roadmap, which will take it into the future. It’s the first big move since the company emerged from bankruptcy reorganization, under its new owner, Fiat.

The Wall Street Journal reports we’ll see an introduction of Fiat’s Alfa Romeo brand in 2012. The Journal also says the company aims to introduce the Fiat 500 subcompact to the U.S. in 2011.

“The only thing that’s going to turn Chrysler around is new product. It desperately needs it. Its dealers desperately need product. The fact that they’re going to bring the 500 here and the Alfa Romero brand to market, that can o

Image by HenryFigueroa via FlickrAlfa Romeo 8C

nly be good,” said John McElroy, WWJ Auto Analyst.

McElroy said the company needs help as it faces a shrinking market share. The problem, he said, is how Chrysler fares between now and the time the new products kick in.

“The question is how bad do things get in the next couple of years for Chrysler,” said McElroy.

The Journal reports many of the company’s products will be phased out, particularly Dodge cars.

A Chrysler spokesman told WWJ that he could not confirm the Journal’s story.

Chrysler will formally roll out its five-year business plan on November 4.


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