Chrysler opens Mopar centers in Shanghai, Dubai image

Chrysler Group has opened Mopar parts-distribution centers in Shanghai and Dubai to help the company’s expansion plans in Asia and the Middle East.

“These are key strategic moves that are completing the final separation from Daimler,” Pietro Gorlier, CEO of the Mopar parts brand, was quoted as saying by Bloomberg. Previously owned by DaimlerChrysler AG, Chrysler has continued to receive some logistics services from Daimler AG after the split between the two companies, Gorlier said.

Mopar’s 16,000 square meter facility in Shanghai, will distribute more than 35,000 parts to more than 130 dealers in China and to third-party distributors and partners in the Asia-Pacific region, Chrysler announced in a statement today. The facility is located in Yangshan Port Shanghai, a Free Trade Zone that offers Mopar the platform to support international trade from China.

The 18,000 square meter parts distribution center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, will ship 30,000 parts to the Middle East and Africa regions, Chrysler said. “We are expanding significantly, for example, in the Middle East,” Gorlier said. The two Mopar centers will also be used by Fiat, who has a 53.5 percent stake in Chrysler.