Chrysler Opens New Offices in Detroit image

Chrysler Group plans to open offices in Detroit, as part of its expansion plan in the city.

Since 2011 Detroit was of great importance in Chrysler’s marketing campaign that is why the company plans to open new offices. The company will lease the lease the top two floors of the Dime Building, which has 23 floors. The space will house 70 employees and CEO Sergio Marchionne. The offices are expected to be opened at the end of the summer.

The building will receive a new name, the Chrysler House. This is the first time in the company’s history that Chrysler, based in Auburn Hills, Michigan, has a corporate office in Detroit. Chrysler wants to move to Detroit its operations that deal with relations with the Midwest dealerships.

Chrysler will also add a 3rd shift at its Jefferson North Assembly Plant, where its Jeep Grand Cherokee sport utility vehicle is being built, adding 1,100 new jobs, and it will open the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit where the company will produce the SRT Viper and add 150 jobs. Detroit has played a central role in Chrysler’s marketing, especially for its two Super Bowl advertisements and for Chrysler’s tagline “Imported from Detroit.”