Chrysler plan for younger customers: S vehicles image

Chrysler is trying to attract younger customers with a new line of vehicles, dubbed S, which arrives in this spring.

According to Autonews reporters, the average age of those who buy new Chryslers is over 60, a fact that’s not good for a company that’s looking to expand into new markets and thereby increase sales.

“There are two paths: the traditional Chrysler path and the S path,” Tim Kuniskis, head of Chrysler brand product marketing, told journalists at the Chrysler 300 media launch event. “There’s a huge customer base for chrome and wood. There are also people who want something a little edgy.”

S will not come from Sport, because Chrysler already has the SRT division. Maybe Style, but we’re not sure. Also, the new line-up will let customers to customize vehicles with wheels and accessories, a thing that at least for the moment is not possible because Chrysler comes with packages like: black color, 18-inch alloy wheels and beige leather interior.

First vehicle with an S badge will come out somewhere in the spring, and most probably will be a version of the 200. 300 and 300C will get the S treatment later. Chrysler hasn’t decided on an S version of the Town & Country minivan.