Chrysler Plans to Reduce Options on 2014 Lineup image

Chrysler considers reducing the number of factory options for vehicles for the next two model years, as this will not affect sales.

This means that Chrysler will offer fewer options for its customer, but will increase the ordering and manufacturing efficiencies and also the quality, according to dealers on the Chrysler National Dealer Council. The automaker has already experimented this strategy this year by limiting the ways three models, the 2013 Chrysler Town & Country minivan, the 2013 Dodge Dart and the Journey, have been configured by dealers during ordering.

Although the option package was not changed, the number of stand-alone options has been reduced. By simplifying the order, dealers noticed that sales were not affected in the regions where the strategy was applied.

On another matter, last week Chrysler announced it will freeze at the end of this year its pension plan for salaried employees in the US, after GM took the same decision one year ago. The decision affects the 8,000 salaried employees, but not the hourly workers or the retired employees.

“We recognize the importance employees place on retirement benefits,” Chrysler Senior Vice President for Human Resources Nancy Rae said in a statement. “By offering transitional financial counseling at no cost and providing diversified investment options in our participant-directed retirement and savings plans, employees can more easily manage their financial health and better prepare for the future.”

Source: Autonews