Chrysler Portal Concept – the millennial autonomous electric car image

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is yet another auto manufacturer that has seemingly ditched the North American International Auto Show in Detroit – where there’s no major debut – in favor of the techy Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Making its worldwide debut in Nevada is the new, all-electric, autonomous Chrysler Portal concept, a model that should fit the bill of the mobility revolution – having been designed to bridge the gap – act as the “third space” between work and home. It comes with a modern, high-tech inspired environment in the cabin, but also lots of space and high-quality materials. It was actually designed from the inside towards the outside – which is actually reflected in the rather polarizing exterior styling. It’s also squarely directed towards “millennial lifestyle,” packing not only current but also upcoming technologies: It “serves as a social hub where up to six can enjoy, and it’s also designed to accommodate millennials as they begin their transition into family mode,” said Head of FCA Global Design, Ralph Gilles.


There’s a 180-cubic-foot interior, a clear roof panel, large windshield and windows – and there are also “Portal-shaped” articulating side doors – while the exterior design is minimalistic, but still reminiscent somehow of the Chevy Bolt. The tech includes advanced sensor systems paired with a high-powered computing system, so the Portal is capable of SAE Level 3 autonomous driving – assisted by a plethora of sensing technologies, including cameras, radar, LIDAR, and ultrasonic technology. An interesting gimmick is the facial recognition feature – so the Portal can configure the driver and passenger’s preferred settings, also with the help of a voice biometrics system. The “millennial” part is resolved with the “community display screen,” which allows passengers to share music, photos, and videos – and there’s also a gesture control system that opens doors, monitors radio volume, and even answers phone calls.


Motivation is provided by a 100-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack embedded in the Portal concept’s 118.2-inch wheelbase. Fully charged, the concept might be capable of 250 miles (402 kilometers) of autonomy and it’s also using next-generation DC Fast Charger technology for 150 miles (241 kilometers) of range coming out of just 20 minutes of charge.