Chrysler Recalls 475,000 SUVs Due to Electrical Issues image

Chrysler recalls almost 475, 000 vehicles, mainly older-model SUVs to make a software update after at least 24 vehicles rolled away after drivers used a remote starter.

The US automaker announced it is recalling 469,072 Jeep Commanders 2006-2010 model years, and 2005-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokees. Around 295,000 vehicles are to be recalled in the US, 28,500 units in Canada, 4,200 units in Mexico and 141,000 units outside North America. Chrysler spokesman Eric Mayne said the company received reports of two injuries and 26 crashes due to this issue.

Chrysler determined that the problem is at some circuit boards with cracks which sent compromised signals that enable inadvertent gearshifts to neutral. It’s been more than six months since Chrysler has begun working on a software fix, according to NHTSA. Chrysler began investigating this problem in January 2012 when a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee owner said his vehicle rolled away after he used a remote starter.

Chrysler is also recalling 5,440 Jeep Wrangler SUVs, 2008-2012 model years, used for mail delivery in rural areas, and need to have dust shields installed. The shields, mostly used by US Postal Service for rural delivery, prevent dust buildup on a steering-column-mounted electrical connector. The company will also replace the connectors with other components which are more dust-resistant.

Source: The Detroit News