Chrysler hopes that its new 2014 Jeep Cherokee, which will be unveiled at the New York International Auto Show, will take the brand ‘into the future.’

The Jeep Cherokee, which replaces the Jeep Liberty, was designed to hit right in the heart of the fast growing SUV segment, which is considered vital for the automaker’s growth in the US and abroad.

“(It) is the biggest SUV segment in the world,” said Jeep brand president Mike Manley. “Five million registrations on a global basis puts this at the heart of any SUV brand’s aspirations.”

Manley added that the automaker was aware of the fact that the Liberty was not a tough competitor in this segment, and this is how the Cherokee came to life, which promises more than 45% better fuel economy than the previous model. When it comes to Cherokee’s design, the automaker looked into 2019 so that when the model will go out of production it will not be out fashioned.

“We picked it up off of several Jeeps from the past, but it’s much more radical here. The front end is very, very fresh, very new and very sleek-looking,” Allen said. “The sheet metal is all very, very tense on it.”The changes inside are just as dramatic.


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