Chrysler Requests Tax Incentives for Indiana Plant image

Chrysler confirmed that it asked for tax incentives for its Kokomo plant and also for its nearby plant which was never completed.

Chrysler has asked the Tipton county officials to approve a tax abatement, but didn’t offer any further details. One week after Chrysler asked for tax abatement for the plant near Tipton, the company made the same request for the Kokomo plant.

“It goes along with the investment in Tipton County,” City Council President Mike Kennedy told the Kokomo Tribune. “The investment here includes some pretty decent jobs activity.”

Construction for the Getrag plant, neat Tipton, began in 2007 with an investment of almost $100 million. The 800,000-square-foot building was aimed at employing 1,400 workers. But construction stopped in 2008 and was forced to file for bankruptcy after Chrysler retreated from the financing agreement and left the facility without a primary customer.

According to the Tribune newspaper, if the Getrag plant is finished, it could impact the Kokomo operations. Plants in Kokomo were shut down in 2009, but Chrysler decided to keep transmission building in house and not contract the work out, adding a new $1.3-billion investment into the central Indiana operation.