Chrysler Restarts Second Shift at Toledo Plant Making Jeep Cherokee image

Chrysler announced that the second shift for the production of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee SUV at the Ohio plant will restart on Monday, September 30th, after it was temporarily suspended.

On September 23rd, the US automaker has temporarily suspended production for the new Cherokee, which features has a nine-speed transmission. At the end of August the US automaker has 9,400 Cherokees manufactured and ready for shipment.

The US automaker said it has decided to halt production of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee at the Toledo North facility, as it has manufactured enough units to satisfy demand once they reach dealerships. The automaker said that the layoffs will last for two weeks.

Last week the automaker laid off 500 employees, which will return to work at the beginning of next week, to restart the second shift at the Toledo North plant, besides other 600 employees who were reassigned this week.

“We have been producing vehicles since the end of June and have now built the critical number of vehicles we need to stock dealerships once containment is released,” Chrysler spokeswoman Jodi Tinson said in a statement.

Chrysler plans to manufacture 280,000 Cherokee vehicles per year and introduce the SUV in 150 markets. Two months ago the automaker said it will delay shipments of the Jeep due to an issue with the all-new, nine-speed transmission.

Source: Reuters