Chrysler to Build More Than 300,000 Ram 1500 Pickups at Warren Plant in 2013 image

Chryslers plans to manufacture more than 300, 000 Ram 1500 pickups at its Warren plant in 2013, a record in the facility’s history.

The 300,000-vehicle target reflects the US automaker’s confidence in the upgraded 2013 Ram 1500 model, the importance of the pickups for the Detroit automaker’s profits and the expectation that this year pickup sales will see a significant increase across the industry. In November, Chrysler announced it will add about 1,000 new jobs at its Warren Truck Plant.

According to a memo posted by the plant’s human resources department, production is to increase to more than 300,000 units this year, from 227,000 in 2012. Employees will work four 10-hour days a week, a change from five eight-hour days and starting from March more of them will work during weekends too. The automaker will soon begin to install new eight-speed transmission in several truck models.

Chrysler manufactures the heavy-duty versions of Ram and the Ram 1500 in Saltillo, Mexico and 10 years ago, during the boom in pickup sales, it also produced the Ram pickups in a plant located in St. Louis, which was closed in 2009. In 2012 Chrysler sold in the US 293,363 Ram pickups, an increase of 20% compared with 2011, still behind Ford which sold 645,316 F-series trucks and GM’s 575,497 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups.