Chrysler to cease the production of the 200 sedan model early 2017 at the latest image

FCA’s Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne finally announced a timeframe for the production stoppage of the slow-selling Chrysler 200 midsize sedan.

Sergio Marchionne said back in January that it would eventually stop making the Chrysler 200, as well as the compact Dodge Dart, as the demand keeps plunging for smaller models, but he did not say exactly when at that time. But now we know, as FCA’s CEO told reports during an event at the automaker’s Windsor plant that the production of the midsize sedan would stop by the end of this year or in early 2017. Furthermore, he also said that the next-generation Ram pickup truck would go on sale by January 2018, a model that would be built at FCA’s Sterling Heights Assembly Plant.

As for the Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart, Marchionne did not give up on looking to outsource their production, as he recently confirmed that talks with other automakers about building replacements for these models were ongoing.

Sergio Marchionne visited last week the Windsor Assembly Plant to officially celebrate the launch of the new Chrysler Pacifica minivan and to thank the 6,000 workers that brought the vehicle to market, which went into production at the end of February. The Pacifica platform could also be used for the next generation Chrysler 300 large sedan. “This plant and this architecture are capable of making the 300 successor, the front-wheel, all-wheel drive successor,” Marchionne added.

The facility has been producing vehicles in Ontario for the past 88 years, while it has started to build minivans in 1983. Since then, more than 14.3 million minivans have been sold to date, of which 10 million have come through the Windsor plant.

Via Reuters