Chrysler to hire at least 400 to boost Dart production image

Chrysler Group LLC is hiring about 400 to 500 new employees to support the production of the Dodge Dart at its Belvidere Assembly Plant in Illinois.

The Detroit based automaker said most of the positions are temporary or part time – the company is searching for pipefitters, electricians and tool-and-die makers.

The resurrected vehicle is very important automaker because it is the first vehicle jointly designed with Chrysler’s Italian owner, Fiat SpA.

The additional workers will join the company’s existing two shifts as it prepares for the spring launch of the car, said Chrysler spokeswoman Jodi Tinson.

The reinvented compact, unveiled at the Detroit auto show last week, is nothing like its predecessor from the 1960s and `70s. But Chrysler is counting on the Dart, and its zippy name, to help it sell more small cars and continue its recent revival.

Born from a heavily modified Fiat/Alfa Romeo platform and using a mix of Chrysler and Fiat/Alfa components, the 2013 Dodge Dart compact car is a sedan with Dodge driver-facing systems, a Mopar-tuned version of an Alfa Romeo suspension, and a mix of Chrysler and Fiat engines with Fiat and Hyundai transmissions.

However, similar to the Dodge Dart of the late 1960s, the 2013 Dart offers a special blend of style, performance and innovation.