Chrysler Urges Senate Finance Committee to Speed Trade image

Chrysler urged a Senate Finance Committee to approve the legislation which will help the automaker speed parts and vehicles shipments from North America.

“Because of the significant volume of trade involved, coupled with the company’s reliance on just-in-time inventory management practices, Chrysler’s ability to import and export vehicles and parts in an efficient and timely fashion is critical,” said Chrysler’s director for worldwide logistics and customs, William Cook.

Chrysler as well as other automakers want the US and Canada to end visa requirements for citizens that travel for business. Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus said that although the US trade needs faster shipments, secure trade is also of utmost importance. Baucus added that if in 1979 the US trade was $472 billion annually, in 2012 the number reached $4.9 trillion, an increase of 942%.

“American businesses, ranchers, farmers and consumers depend on the timely movement of all these goods across borders to remain competitive. In business time is money,” Baucus said.

William Cook said that in 2012 Chrysler handled 300,000 entries of goods and parts into the US valued at $24 billion, from which 70% were parts and the rest of 30% were vehicles. In Canada, Chrysler handled 1.2 million entries worth $12 billion and 55,000 entries into Mexico valued at $5.5 billion.

Source: The Detroit News