Chrysler wants to sell 40,000 cars in China image

Chrysler is “aggressively” exploring the possibility of building more vehicles in China, where the company is on track to sell 40,000 cars and trucks this year up from 31,000 in 2010, an executive said.

At this moment Chrysler operates 127 dealerships covering about 60 percent of the market in China, Mike Manley, head of Chrysler’s international operations, said today. The company will add 50 within two to three years and hopes to double the number in more than five years, he said.

Chrysler will begin selling its Compass sport-utility vehicle (SUV) in China in the next 45 days or so, Mr. Manley said.

The goal is to sell between 8,000 and 10,000 Compass vehicles in China within the first year, Mr. Manley said.

“If there’s an opportunity for us in the same way as we’ve done with Fiat in terms of technology or using their distribution, our speed to market is going to be so much quicker,” Manley said, referring to the China market.

“Advanced dealer orders on Grand Cherokee and Compass have been phenomenal,” he said. “I think we’re set for a good September.”