Chryslers Adds HFE High Fuel Efficiency Line image

Chrysler plans to join GM and Ford and offer a special fuel-economy-focused trim level for some of its models.

Chrysler filed paperwork with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the “HFE High Fuel Efficiency” name, just a few days after announcing the future line of lean diesel products called ‘EcoDiesel’.
The car maker has previously used the “Aero” name for fuel-efficient products such as the Dodge Dart Aero, which will offer a fuel economy of about 41 mpg highway when it will feature a six-speed manual transmission.

But the ‘Aero’ name was also used by Saab for its range-topping vehicles. It is not known exactly who trademarked the name and who currently owns it. The Dodge Dart Aero will be launched in the third quarter of 2012, although no decision has yet been made on the final name.

The company didn’t reveal on how the Chrysler HFE models will look like. So we can just assume that there won’t be radical changes from the current ones, only the fact that instead of hybrid powertrains the HFE models will have small-displacement gasoline engines, enhanced aerodynamics to further lower wind resistance and low rolling resistance tires.