Chrysler’s Sept global sales improved 30% vs. Aug image

In September 2009, Chrysler Group LLC sold 12,493 vehicles outside of North America, a 30 percent increase compared with August 2009 sales (9,951).

The month-to-month increase was a result of the improved sales performance in some key markets such as the United Kingdom and improved supply of nameplates like the Dodge Journey, which saw a 53 percent increase in sales vs. the previous month.

Compared with September 2008, Chrysler Group LLC sales are down 32 percent. However, markets outside of North America showed encouraging signs based on the month-over-month increase and a smaller year-over-year decline, when August 2009 vehicle sales were down 44 percent versus the prior year.

Regional Sales

The Western and Central European region led Chrysler Group LLC sales outside of North America with 5,440 units sold, a 90 percent increase from August 2009 (2,856).

The United Kingdom was the market leader for the company and the region with 2,056 sales, a 34 percent increase compared to the same period last year.

Chrysler Group sold 2,964 vehicles in Latin America, an increase of 28 percent from August 2009 (2,308). Venezuela was the market leader for the region with monthly sales of 1,010 units.

Combined sales in Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia increased 36 percent with 2,065 vehicles sold, compared with 1,520 sales the previous month.

In the Asia Pacific region, Chrysler Group LLC sold 2,024 vehicles, down 30 percent from August 2009. China led the region with 1,042 vehicle sales.

Brand Sales

Outside of North America the Chrysler brand sold 2,437 vehicles. The Chrysler Grand Voyager led the brand with 634 sales.

The Dodge brand sold 5,004 vehicles outside of North America with Dodge Journey leading the company and the brand with 1,732 sales, an increase of 53 percent vs. the prior year.

The Jeep brand sold 5,052 vehicles outside of North America. The Jeep Grand Cherokee led the brand with 1,450 sales outside of North America.

Chrysler Group LLC sells and services vehicles in more than 120 countries around the world.

Source: RP news wires