The French based automakers at Citroen and Peugeot are planning to approach Renault’s brand Dacia by releasing some new models which will be set into the low-cost segment and will be introduced in auto markets like Eastern Europe, Latin America, China and North Africa.

According to, Peugeot will launch a new budget sedan which will be placed under the 10.000 EUR mark, codenamed the M3, which will be targeted on low-cost buying large markets like North Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and China. says that the new M3 sedan to be made by Peugeot will be 4.15 meters long and will most likely be made by modernizing the old 405’s platform which is still on sale in Iran.

The British website says that Citroen will also develop a version of the M3 and the vehicle will be targeted especially at China, which will be an attempt to attract more customers into the brand.

“Some customers want the best of the car and we do this with DS. But we also see customers who want to live differently with the car. They think cars have become too complicated, with too much equipment. You can give more to some customers by giving less in some aspects. It’s to do with trading – you could make some things nicer and more designed and other simpler”, said the Citroen product planning chief Thomas d’Haussy.


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