Citroen boss wants to cut WRC team’s budget image

Citroen boss Frederic Banzet has warned that the carmaker’s WRC team must reduce its budget as Citroen’s sales are falling in Europe.

Banzet hailed however the positive effect of the company’s involvement in the World Rally Champioship, as Citroen has dominated the series in the last decade with seven manufacturer’s titles since 2003 and eight driver’s titles for Sebastian Loeb.

“Look where Citroën was a decade ago – almost gone. The lead force in that transformation has been product, but the World Rally Championship program has contributed a lot too, inspiring the company from within and transforming its image among the outside world,” Banzet was quoted as saying by Autocar.

Citroen’s boss admitted that he is concerned because of the absence of a championship promoter in the WRC, but said he’s hoping that the deal with Red Bull Communications would go ahead. He added that Citroen has no precise timetable for remaining in the series.

“We must investigate ways of reducing budgets in line with the coverage we get and against the backdrop of sales,” said Banzet. He added that the arrival of Volkswagen in the WRC next year would not push costs up. VW may have a bigger budget, but Citroen has experience and knowledge, said Citroen’s boss.