The newest creation signed by Citroen is named the C4 Cactus AIRFLOW 2L and it’s a concept car going to the 2014th edition of the Paris Motor Show.

The brand new Citroen C4 Cactus AIRFLOW 2L Concept is getting a new front bumper with three air intakes which can automatically open and close to improve the aerodynamics or to cool the engine, a large rear spoiler, slender rearview cameras replacing the side mirrors and 19-inch active shutter wheels, wrapped in ultra low rolling resistance tires. The car manufacturer is stating that the one-off vehicle is 20 percent more aerodynamic than the production variant.

Besides being more aerodynamic, the new Citroen C4 Cactus AIRFLOW 2L Concept is also lighter, thanks to the use of aluminum, high-strength steel and composites, weighing 100 kg less than the standard vehicle. As far as power goes, this is being provided by a 3-cylinder petrol burner, a hydraulic pump / motor and a compressed air energy storage unit. The system can operate in three different modes like air only, petrol only or a combination of both, resulting in an impressive fuel consumption of 2L / 100km (141.2 mpg UK / 117.6 mpg US).


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