Citroen could market its C1 Urban Ride concept image

The French automaker officially revealed to the public its C1 Urban Ride concept, a SUV-like reinterpretation of its smallest model in the lineup during the 2014 Paris Motor Show.

Now, according to CEO Linda Jackson, Citroen mulls a production ready version in the near future if the public response to the version is positive. For that, all visitors that pass through Citroen’s stand at the auto show (ending October 19) are asked to voice their opinion on the matter and decide if the concept should become a standard production model.

“If the public votes for it, then it will see a launch in the near future,” says Jackson, hinting that if the crowd reaction is favorable, by 2016 a version of the C1 minicar with elements taken from the Urban Ride concept could be coming off the production lines.

The SUV-styling inspiration is nothing new for Europe’s models, as buyers are enticed more and more by crossover variants of the normal cars, attracted by the added versatility and rugged styling. The production version of the Citroen concept would not be alone in the segment, as Opel has also presented its own take on the matter – the Adam Rocks.

Citroen Design Director Alexandre Malval says the conversion of the normal C1 car would be done easily, as the Urban Ride crossover mostly relies on added styling elements and the only real connection to a proper SUV is the added ride height of 15 mm.