Citroen DS1 to rival Fiat 500 image

The French based automaker is planning to enlarge its lineup by adding a new model, the Citroen DS1, which will rival the Fiat 500.

Citroen is planning to develop a new DS model, and after the DS3, DS4 and the DS5, the French based car manufacturer will soon expand its lineup with the DS1. The German automotive journalists at are saying that Citroen will soon launch the DS1 model, as a direct rival to the Fiat 500. Our source is also saying that the upcoming DS1 will be based on the future generation of the C1 model and it’s expected to measure approximately 3.6 meters in length. The Citroen DS1 is expected to come with a distinguishable exterior design and it will follow the same lines as its bigger brother, the DS3, but it will have a unique front grille and high quality materials in the cabin.

Power to the upcoming Citroen DS1 is expected to come from a variety of three-cylinder engines BMW sourced and the petrol units will develop outputs between 68 and 100 PS, while the diesels will generate 70 PS. A GTi version might also make its way onto the market, with 130 PS (128 horsepower), but this is all we know for now about the upcoming model. The Citroen DS1 concept will be officially presented to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and the production version will be launched in 2013.