The French based automaker Citroen is planning to introduce a budget brand next month, during the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, in a world premiere.

With one of its main competitors, Renault, having the Dacia budge brand, or with VW having Skoda, Citroen couldn’t stay aside from a low-cost segment where cars are becoming best sellers across the globe and, who knows, maybe in the Universe, as extraterrestrials are known to switch their space ships with Dacia cars too. So to cut it short, Citroen is working on its very own budget brand, which will give birth to the so-called E3 Essential Concept. This will be officially presented to the public during the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, next month.

The brand new Citroen E3 Essential Concept will embrace the “Pure, Simple, Smart” philosophy and this indicates that it will adopt styling cues from models like the C-Cactus Concept or even from the “new” C4 Picasso. The model in question will hit the production line and thanks to its large body panels and familiar engines, it should reduce its manufacturing costs. This will be reflected into the product’s final price, which is expected to stand at approximately 13,000 GBP, which is in the same range as the Skoda Rapid, but way more than what Dacia has to offer.

Source: Auto Express


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