Citroen ends C6 production image

The French based automaker Citroen has recently announced that the C6 will end its production because of the model’s slow sales.

After it has been on the assembly line ever since 2005, the Citroen C6 will end its production. The decision was taken by the car manufacturer because of the model’s slow sales. Citroen has only sold 566 units of the C6 in the first ten months of this year and so the decision is understandable. Stopping the production of its most expensive model didn’t come as a surprise for anyone understanding the situation because the Citroen C6 has also left the assembly line in its right-hand drive version earlier this year, in May.

The Citroen C6 was assembled in the Peugeot Citroen facility in Rennes, where 250 people were working. As a quick reminder, the Citroen C6 has been in production ever since 2005 and the model was inspired by the C6 Lignage prototype, which was unveiled in Geneva back in 1999. The Citroen C6 is 4,907 mm long, 1,859 mm wide and 1,463 mm tall. The C6 was also produced in right-hand drive. Citroen didn’t announce any details on a possible successor for the moment but the model will definitely be replaced.

Source: Europe Autonews