Citroen is going off-road with the C-Aircross concept [LIVE Geneva update] image

The French automaker saw the funky C4 Cactus crossover became a massive success and is now looking to emulate the recipe on the lower level – inside C3’s segment.

The new C3 supermini is certainly not a model that will get you secretively from place to place and the C-Aircross is building on the quirkiness but with more ground clearance. This concept is naturally previewing the C3 Picasso successor – set to adopt the crossover stance in lieu of the previous MPV tone. This is of course in line with the segment’s popularity – where models such as the Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008 have snatched the top end of the sales charts.

Citroen is going off-road with the C-Aircross concept 4

Citroen is going all out in terms of standout features with the C-Aircross concept in March during the Geneva Motor Show where it will showcase suicide doors and cameras instead of conventional mirrors. There’s also no B-pillar so the cabin will be easily accessible – and the eccentric design is actually linked to aerodynamics as well: the rear quarter windows have louvres to improve airflow, and there are also front air inlets and a rear diffuser.Citroen is going off-road with the C-Aircross concept 3

Citrone’s now trademark “Airbumps” need no introduction anymore and moving inside the cabin we see some French minimalism without many physical buttons and knobs. There’s a big 12-inch touchscreen, a large head-up display and even induction charging for the smartphone. For the crossover traits to prevail, Citroen has also come with the PSA Grip Control system – though it will remain a front wheel drive crossover.